Science Based Nutrition

Our office has been actively interested in nutrition from the start and has taken many trainings and  educational courses. We are proud to offer nutritional counseling to all our patients with the Science Based Nutrition method of nutritional analysis.

Nutritional deficiency maybe the most common cause leading people to become sick. Polluted environment, chemical fertilizers and GMO productions are believed to be contributing to that. Commercially manufactured food products and added chemical substances make the matter worse.

Healthy diet filled with good nutrients and regular exercise should be the first choice to restore health for most people. Taking proper nutritional supplements according to patient's specific needs is very important. Good quality vitamins are minerals essential to maintain or restore our health. But we also do not want to overload our system with vitamins and minerals we may not need or poor quality.

Science Based Nutrition takes a guesswork out of analyzing one's nutritional needs. We provide a detailed nutritional profile based on a blood test result. We can also analyze if the specific nutritional plans designed for our patients are working simply by doing the blood test again.

We do not try to provide a solution to a particular disease with the nutritional plan. We strive to improve our patients' health by addressing the nutritional deficiency. When your body is nutritionally better balanced, your health will improve and it will show up in your improved blood test results.


It is the same philosophy with Chiropractic: If your body can function better, it will take better care of its problems. 

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You can get more detailed information about Science Based Nutrition from their website. You will find more of patients' testimonials, etc by clicking the link below.

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Sample Nutrition Report for download

Here is the sample nutrition report we provide for our patient's nutritional profile based on their blood test result.

SBN-Sample-Report (pdf)