X Rays

 X-rays are only taken when needed in our office. The inside look of the bone structures gives the doctor a valuable information for individual treatment plans. They may also give indications for further studies such as MRI's or referral to medical care.

Radiation exposure should be serious concern for all of us. Our x ray machine is a digitized high frequency unit and we use digitized processing to minimize radiation exposure. No more x rays films and you can view your x rays with any digital devices just like any other digital pictures. 

X-rays are like looking at the components of your mechanical system. Using an analogy of a car, when you inspect a car, the first thing you would do is to open up the hood and look inside. That is what x rays tell us. To see if your bones are all OK and the alignment is good. Next thing you do is to turn the engine on and drive to see if it is moving well. That is what Chiropractic examination does. To find where you may have problems in motion.