What Patients Say About Us


Bob Owens

 I have been going to chiropractors for more than 40 years, and have encountered many different kinds of treatment from many different chiropractors over those years. I can say unequivocally that Dr. Lee is the best of the bunch. His treatments are thorough, effective, and gentle, three characteristics that in my experience are rarely found together. I moved away from the L.A. area some time ago but still enjoy a visit with Dr. Lee any time I am in town. I recommend him highly. You will not be disappointed! 

Elizabeth C.

 Dr. Lee is very friendly,  professional,  knowledgeable,  and very skillful in his practice.  I came in with severe neck, upper back, and lower back pain for 5 months and after my initial visit with him,  my pain dramatically decreased.  Now I'm feeling better each day thanks to him.  His staff is very friendly,  helpful,  sweet, and compassionate.  If you really want to relieve your pain anywhere on your body,  Dr. Lee should be your first visit!! 

Daniel C.


After just ONE session I feel insanely better! I've had neck/back pain for months due to excessive weight training/bad postures/pushing my body to the limit..

I am in my 30s and have been working out over 20+ years. I am a surfer, CrossFitter, weight lifter, jiu-jitsu player and more. I am also NASM certified trainer for fun and I know my body or so I thought I did...

I've been to OTHER Good Yelp Reviewed Chiropractors in L.A. but they just want your money and will keep you going back to them.

Dr. Lee Truly wants YOU to get BETTER. He is for you and really cares about YOU.

My First session, he educated me on how the bone/spine /Ligaments/Tendons work. Understanding these components are Critical in my opinion to get well ASAP.

He will go over some papers with a useful information regarding  stretching stuff so you can even do it at home to prevent any future injuries. Or it is just good for you to understand and stretch properly. 

You will find out some Yoga/Pilates poses aren't so great haha  (not all yoga/piltates good)

This kind of free education is NOWHERE to be found these days...anywhere. If I were Dr. Lee.. I wouldn't even share this kind of information. Just like the other chiropractors..I would make people come back... adjust you a little... make that $$

Obviously this Dr. wants YOU to get better FAST.

In my opinion truly a good doctor or just a good person will want you to get better quickly! (So you don't have to keep going back.. but some problems do need lots of sessions, I am thinking if you are older like 50s 60s 70s 80s)

I'm so happy I've found a Go-To-Chiropractor... and these things.. NEVER HAPPEN to me.. I am always in search of a GO-TO any other places.. and I rarely leave a long reviews.

I've already went back many times due to my own lack of care but I get well after every session and I don't have go back again unless I push my body again..

I would HIGHLY Recommend this place to ANYONE. YOUNG/OLD/CrossFitter/Jiu-jitsu injuries/any sports related or not.

And NO, I am not related nor sponsored by this Doctor.

Just Go. 

Jolene D.

 I would like to thank  Dr. Lee Chiropractor in Torrance, CA.  I had been pretty miserable with my hands and feet going numb, with  tingling and burning that would not go away.  I  was eating Advil like candy so I could sleep at night,  I had been to a Rheumatologist for this condition and they couldn't help me.  I decided to try Dr. B. Edwin Lee and see if he could help me and he did.  I am truly amazed that after one adjustment of my spine, I could feel less tingling and burning.  That night, I did not need Advil until 4:00am.  I went back the next day for another adjustment and haven't needed to take Advil since.  I am on my sixth adjustment and I haven't felt this relaxed in I don't know how long.  The tingling and burning have been reduced to a bare minimum and I have been sleeping very well at night.  I have lots more energy too!  I will continue to have adjustments about every 4 to 6 weeks from now on and I am looking forward to them as if they were a spa treatment!  We have HMO insurance which covers 20 visits a year with a $15 co-pay and it is worth that and more.  I work in the landscape field so I punish my body a bit with heavy physical work.  I am also a 52 year old female that feels 20 years younger!  Thanks again, Dr. Lee  looking forward to my next visit!

Judy P.

I was just telling my husband how the treatment you provided recently really made the neck pain I was having go away.  The last time it started to feel that bad, I ended up on a course of cortisone meds and was immobilized for quite a while.  What a difference!