Therapeutic Exercises


Exercise Prescription

We all know exercises are important. But too many times, patients do wrong exercises which are actually doing more damage to them. Selecting and doing proper exercises are really important in restoring your health. We are proud to prescribe simple but most effective therapeutic exercises custom tailored to individual needs.

Health vs Fitness

Most people think health and fitness means the same thing. It is not the same. Health is the status where all your system is functioning at the optimal level. Fitness usually means faster and stronger. We all need both of health and fitness. But when we are in pain or compromised health conditions, we need to emphasize on health exercises not fitness exercises.

Posture Exercises

Most of Chiropractic cases can be helped with posture exercises. Our patients are educated on posture exercises from day one.

Stretching Exercises

As your conditions improve with our initial treatment plan focused on restoring mobility, stretching exercises become essential to speed up the recovery process.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises become important only after patients become totally pain free. Preventive strengthening exercises will be prescribed when our patients finish their treatment plan successfully.


Basic Home Exercises (pdf)